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Namaste Children’s House (NCH) is a multi-denominational non-profit social organization. We are dedicated to providing love, education, healthcare, nutrition, and a solid sense of family, community and cultural identity to the orphaned and needy children of Nepal. The children gain a sense of security and belonging, allowing them to fulfill their potential as they make the transition into their adult lives.

NCH's founding principles are based in the name itself - NAMASTE. By making a sincere effort to honor and respect the GOD that is living in all of us, we can strive to create a loving, creative, holistic, and healthy environment for these special children whose lives we have been faithfully entrusted with.

Indeed, NCH is not just about children. The organization aims to bring people from around the world closer and to give them a better understanding of the different cultures, religions, and problems we all face. Once the people of this world realize that we are all part of one big family we can collectively work towards restoring peace, prosperity and happiness to all human beings.

In our initial phase, we provided housing for around 65 orphan children in a rented building in Jarewar, Pokhara. It quickly became evident that there was much more to be addressed, such as educational scholarships for other needy children, training programs for the empowerment of women, and providing small business loans.

All of these programs are up and running smoothly. This is greatly due to the efforts, generosity, and time of others, like you. To learn more : Click Here


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"The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others." –Gandhi


Namaste Children House
Jarewar, Lakeside - 6
P.O.Box # 173, Pokhara, Nepal


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