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In order to tell the world about NCH’s many activities and projects, we now have set up pages on both Facebook & Twitter.

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Now all we need to do is spread the word!

If you are a member of either of the above please become a fan or follow us. We would very much appreciate your help by spreading the word too, by forwarding this email onto your colleagues, friends & families, Facebook friends and contacts.

We have also set up a specific email address for anyone anywhere around the world who would like to email comments, ideas, updates, photos, links & information and we will do our best to publish them and put them into action.

The email address is as follows:


Thank you in advance for helping spread the word, sharing our twitter and Facebook pages among your friends, family and colleagues. Word of mouth is a great way to support Namaste Children’s House and its future goals. It will only cost a little bit of your time and it will really make a difference!

Thanking you in advance, NCH is lucky to count on your support and kindness!

All the very best,

Visma and the Namaste family.


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